We have been replacing clutches in Hemel Hempstead area for a number of years now, offering a much better alternative to expensive main dealers and nationals. Call us to have a chat about your car and we will provide our best price straight away, we will always do our best to be the cheapest but we won’t skip on any quality parts or a good job.

Clutch Advice
Problem: Strong vibration.
Probable cause: Operation of clutch arm uneven, facings contaminated with oil, pressure plate defective, driven plate defective, damaged flywheel, worn spigot bearing.
Problem: Vehicle will not drive up steep hills.
Probable cause: Incorrect clutch adjustments, worn clutch facings, facings contaminated with oil, pressure plate defective and/or broken springs.
Problem: Engaging first gear from neutral difficult and making noise, vehicle pulls forward even with pedal fully depressed.
Probable cause: Clutch adjustments incorrect or lacking fluid in hydraulic operating system, buckled plate or seizure on spines, worn spigot.

Clutch Replacement
Clutches are not visible from the outside, so it can be difficult knowing when you will require clutch replacement. There are a few signs that can help determine whether your require clutch replacement though:

• The revs increase but there is little or no increase in vehicle speed
• Difficulty and noise when changing gears
• Engine revs rise and dip of their own accord

If you are still not sure whether you require clutch replacement then you can always pop along and receive a clutch check from our experienced team. Our engineers will tell you honestly whether you require this work doing or not.
If you do require a clutch replacement, then our experienced and effective team will get to work right away and have you on your way in no time.